Гороскоп на неделю
We - Alexei Model and Irina Egorova - are the founders of the project nourriture.ru. We have a strong desire not to stay indifferent to the problem of food culture for people all over the world. We consider that people have stopped to find enough time for proper and healthy nutrition and they could hardly navigate through more and more increasing range of products. Instead, they just eat whatever food came to hand. It may cause different deceases and psychological problems.
We are deeply concerned about the fact that many finished products are stuffed with chemicals such as flavor enhancers, preservatives, stabilizers, antibiotics, coloring agents and other harmful additives. But urban citizens are nearly deprived of any choice.
Our portal is aimed at helping people to prepare ordinary food in a tasty and healthy way. This is the main concept of our portal. Following this concept, we aspire to describe food from two points of view – indications and contraindications – and to maintain people’s health by the help of food. We collect the information about food, analyze it and try to create automatic “doctor diagnostician” that would advise people what specialist they should visit by using the simple logic of food preferences.
On the portal there is a system of socializing people united by the idea of healthy food. We do not emphasize whether you are a vegetarian or a meat-eater, it is of considerable importance that all people feel fresh and healthy to old age.
Our aim is creating the culture of healthy food that is based on proper ways of treating, storing and cooking products without harmful ingredients. We sincerely hope that people will gradually refuse to eat harmful food and then go to healthy one. The main point is to turn this process into a straightforward and fascinating game.
Besides, we wish to help sick people who have some difficulties in choosing products and making up the menu, to vary the range of everyday dishes and to modify existing recipes according to their individual characteristics. It is extremely important for us that the sick people visiting our portal do not feel lost and forgotten.

The role of an investor

Our project needs an investor who understands the complexity of the theme and who is ready to long-term cooperation. Nourriture.ru is a complicated and multifunctional project. That is why we are looking forward to a real partner taking part in the project events.

The field for investment

We put our whole soul and skills into the portal and we warmly invite you for mutually beneficial cooperation! Nourriture.ru is an entirely new product that combines the best sides of both traditional and complementary medicine.
To begin with, on the portal we intend developing B2B-servise focused on a small and medium-sized business. For cooperation we invite the individuals who can sell farm or industrial products, resell other goods and services, sell tours in their region. Our online shop is formed on the principle of famous marketing leaders – Amazon, AliBaba.
Secondly, you could become a sponsor for one of the existing portal sections or you could propose your own section.
Thirdly, you could be a sponsor for a social service or mobile application directed at socialization or a theme concerning health.
Fourthly, you could support the regional version of Nourriture.ru that is suitable for a particular country (Germany, Czech, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, the USA, Canada etc.). Nowadays the materials of the portal are being translated by virtual mass media of Germany, Egypt and Latvia.
Fifthly, we have some sections called Health, Culinary Travel (around countries and continents), Restaurants, where you could post commercially oriented content.
Finally, you could propose your own model of cooperation.
If you have any questions or suggestions, please write to e-mail: director_project@nourriture.ru